Testosterone Base/test Suspenion For Musle Growth

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                                       Testosterone base steroid powder for fitness 

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Testosterone base

CAS No.:58-22-0

Molecular formula:C19H28O2

Molecular weight: 288.43

EINECS: 200-370-5


Characters:White powder, odourless. Insoluble in water and soluble in alcohol,

Use:It can promote male genital growth and keep their normal function.

Minimum order quantity:10g

Packaging Details:Packing according to the arrangement of customer orders

Payment:Western Union; Money Gram; Bank transfer.

Delivery Time:The day after the payment


DescriptionWhite or Almost White Crystalline Powder
Specific Rotation+101°~+105°+102.6°
Loss On Drying1.0%max0.28%
Melting Point153~157°C153.0~155.0°C
Organic Volatile Impuritiesmeets the requirement.Conforms
Related Substancesmeets the requirement.Conforms
Residual Solventsmeets the requirement.(USP29)Conforms
Particle Size100% ≤ 20 micronsConforms
ConclusionThe specification conform with USP30 standard.


Test Base is the undisputed king of steroids mainly for it is safe, elicits rapid mass and strength gains while maintaining libido, a sense of well being and energy. Testosterone is the main male sex hormone and anabolic hormones. It's not uncommon for a first time user to gain 15-20lbs of LBM in a standard Testosterones cycle. Pure Testosterone comes in a water based aqueous form and also in a solvent/oil based form. Testosterone, also known as testosterone base, is a steroid hormone secreted by the male testes or female ovaries, adrenal gland also secretes a small amount of testosterone.Whether it is male or female, it has a significant health and impact, including increased libido, strength, immune function, such as the effectiveness of the fight against osteoporosis.

Test Base is a combination of four different-estered testosterones. Like all forms of testosterone, it has a high anabolic and androgenic response in the body and will give users large gains in muscle mass.Test Base Side effects include oily skin, hair loss and aggressive behavior. Because of Test Base’s long-lasting esters, users will not see immediate results from its use. Test Base should be used with anti-estrogen drugs such as Armidex, Proviron or Nolvadex, because it will convert to estrogen in the body fairly rapidly and can cause gains to be lost and increased side effects.

testosterone base

Applications :

Testosterone is the undisputed king of steroids mainly because it is safe, elicits rapid mass and strength gains while maintaining libido, a sense of well being and energy. it’s not uncommon for a first time user to gain 15-20lbs of lbm in a standard testosterone cycle. pure testosterone comes in a water based aqueous form (suspension) and also in a solvent/oil based form (test base).

• increases nitrogen retention in the muscles

• increases protein synthesis

• increases red blood cell count

• increases total metabolic activity

• decreases glucocorticoid steroids (muscle wasting hormones)

• increases igf-1 production

Test Base Steroid recipes:

Testosterone Suspension 50mg/ml - 10ml 

0.5g Testosterone Base powder(0.4465ml) 

0.2ml BA (2%) 

1ml BB (10%) 

0.3ml ps80 (3%) 

8.0535ml distilled water


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