Raw Anabolic Steroids 4-Chlorodehydromethyl Testosterone Turinabol Test For Male Sexual Dysfunction Treatment

Clostebol Acetate Powder is a weak anabolic steroid which was used by athletes. Clostebol Acetate Powder is a version of testosterone that is chlorinated so as to prevent conversion to dihydrotestosterone (DHT) while also rendering the chemical incapable of conversion to estrogen.

Product Details

1.Product Introduction

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1. CAS No: 855-19-6
2. Molecular Formula: C21H29ClO3
3. Assay: 97.0%~103.0%
4. Appearance: White crystalline powder.
5. Usage:can be used as
 pharmaceutical material, Steroid hormone, Anabolin. As a male hormone and anabolic hormones.Due to the drug not being a 17 alpha alkylated steroid, even in its oral form, clostebol acetate can be run for lengthy cycles with no significant burden being put upon the liver of the user.


Due to the drug not being a 17 alpha alkylated steroid, even in its oral form, clostebol acetate can be run for lengthy cycles with no significant burden being put upon the liver of the user. This combined with the mild nature of the drug and the limited potential for serious side effects to develop with use of clostebol acetate makes it a relatively safe compound for most users to administer. Cycles lasting several months are not uncommon and should not be detrimental to the general health of the individual if the regular precautions are taken, realizing that there is always a potential for complications to arise with any anabolic/androgenic steroid, even when said steroids are considered to be mild in nature.
In terms of the frequency needed for dosing, the oral version of the drug needs to be administered roughly twice per day to maintain some of the compound being active in the body of the user. The active life is approximately eight to twelve hours so twice daily doses should be sufficient. As for the injectable version of clostebol acetate, injections every day or every other day are needed to maintain fairly consistent levels of the compound is the system of the user.
Dosing amounts will vary depending upon which version of the drug one chooses to administer. For male users administering the oral version of clostebol acetate, doses ranging from approximately 25-70 milligrams per day should produce good results in most users. As for the injectable, doses in the range of 20-40 milligrams per day should be more then adequate for male users, remembering of course that the injectable version has to be administered at least every other day.
For female users 10 milligrams per day of the oral version of the compound would be a good starting point to gauge the dosing needed for the user, with higher doses of course being negotiable once one knows how they tolerate the drug. For the injectable doses of 50 to 100 milligrams per week are seemingly the norm for most users.

4.prodection details

Product nameClostebol acetate
Other nameTurinabol
CAS register number855-19-6
Molecular formulaC21H29ClO3
AppearanceWhite crystalline powder
Package1kg/aluminium foil bag or as required
Minimum order quantity10g
ShippingBy express courier
Shipping leading timeWithin 24 hours after receiving the payment
Payment optionsWestern Union, MoneyGram, T/T

1.Packages are generally dispatched within 24 hours after payment

2.After shipping we will provide:tracking number;pictures with your parcel;

3.Shipping Ways:EMS,HKEMS,TNT,DHL,FedEX,UPS etc.

4.Air transport for large quantity

5.Shipping time:Most countries can arrived within 3-10 days door to door

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