Andriol Testosterone Undecanoate For Growth Muscle Mass

Testosterone-Phenylpropionate has the shortest duration of all testosterone esters with the exception of Testosterone-Propionate, and this is the reason it has been branded ineffective. With a 3 to 4 day duration in the body, it prevents water retention in the muscles of the body more easily than large ester version; a very desirable effect at that. After the use of Testosterone-Phenylpropionate the effects start showing in a snap. In this little time, an athlete will feel aggressive and stronger. He will have an increased appetite; no wonder the use of Testosterone-Phenylpropionate to treat people with muscle wasting ailments. For those who have issues with injections, this may not be the steroid for you since injections are the only way of administering it.

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1.Product Introduction

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Testosterone Undecanoate 

Synonyms:: Andriol

CAS NO.: 5949-44-0

EINECS: 227-712-6

Storage: Shading, confined preservation
: It is in chloroform or benzene, easily deliquescent, dissolved in ethanol, slightly soluble in vegetable oil, insoluble in water.

Usage : It can be used as pharmaceutical material. Its main function is to promote metabolism. Anabolic effects include growth of muscle mass and strength, increased bone density and strength, and stimulation of linear growth and bone maturation.





Athletes typically find that in doses of less than 240mg per day (6 capsules) effects are generally not seen at all and 240mg of testosterone ester daily, the primary male androgen, and only a meager effect. When doses go higher, maybe 8-10 capsules (320-400mg), new muscle growth is slight to moderate at best, but no incredible bulky gains are ever reported.

In some instances this stress can lead to actual damage to liver tissues, so the designers of this steroid sought another way to protect the testosterone molecule. With Andriol, this was accomplished by making a form of testosterone that would be absorbed through the lymphatic system. This is due to its high fat solubility brought about by the ester, and its suspension in oil.
Having the compound absorbed this way was thought to be very advantageous, as it allows the steroid to bypass the destructive first-pass through liver. This should permit the compound to enter the blood stream intact, without the need for a harsh chemical alteration. The ester breaks off once it is in circulation of course, yielding free active Pharmacokinetics of Oral Testosterone. In design this steroid appears to be undecanoate
d that of a completely liver safe and orally active form of testosterone.



Product name: Testosterone Undecanoate

Molecular Formula: C30H48O3

Molecular Weight: 456.70

Appearance: White crystalline powder

Assay: 97.0%~103.0%.

Package: Foil bag as required

Shipping: Fast and secure shipping by DHL,EMS,UPS,TNT, FedEx..

Product name

Testosterone Undecanoate 

Molecular Formula


Molecular Weight


Molecular structure



White crystalline powder




Foil bag as required


Fast and secure shipping by DHL,EMS,UPS,TNT, FedEx..







Test Items


Test Results


White or almost white crystalline powder


Loss on drying



Optical rotation



Melting Point






Free acid




The aboye product conforms analysis standard



Payment Terms


Bank Transfer, T/T, Western Union or Moneygram are also acceptable!





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