17-Alpha-Methyl-Testosterone M1T Powder

17-Alpha-Methyl-Testosterone M1T Powder China Steroid Raws/ Sarms/ Peptides sell on line. If you want to know more details, please contact Jason on: Email: jason168@yccreate.com WhatsApp:+8618042849221 Keywords: Testosterone Undecanoate Powder, Testosterone Undecanoate 1. Product Introduction...

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17-Alpha-Methyl-Testosterone M1T Powder


China Steroid Raws/ Sarms/ Peptides sell on line. If you want to know more details, please contact Jason on: Email: jason168@yccreate.com  WhatsApp:+8618042849221


Keywords: Testosterone Undecanoate Powder, Testosterone Undecanoate


1. Product Introduction

Product Name: 17-Alpha-Methyl-Testosterone

Alias: M1T, 17A-Methyl-1-Testosterone, 17α-Methyltestosterone

Purity: 99.5% by HPLC.

Appreance: White crystalline powder


2. Product description:

Methyltestosterone also known as 17α-methyltestosterone or as 17α-methylandrost-4-en-17β-ol-3-one, is a synthetic, orally active androgenic-anabolic steroid (AAS) and 17α-methylated derivative of testosterone that is used to treat males with androgen deficiency. It bears close structural similarity to testosterone, but has a methyl group at the C17α position in order to increase oral bioavailability. Due to efficient aromatization into the potent estrogen methylestradiol, methyltestosterone has relatively high estrogenicity and hence potential side effects such as gynecomastia.

17-alpha-Methyl Testosterone (5)

3. 17-Alpha-Methyl-Testosterone COA:





White or light yellowish crystalline powder


Assay(by TLC)



Melting Point



Loss On Drying



Residue On Ignition



Heavy Metals

10PPm max


4. 17-Alpha-Methyl-Testosterone Usage

Methyltestosterone can promote the male sex organs and used in seedling stage sex change.

Methyltestosterone is a steroid hormone from the androgen and is found in mammals and other vertebrates, Methyltestosterone is primarily secreted in the tests of mails and the ovaries of female, although small amount are also secreted by the adrenal glands, Methyltestosterone is the principle male sex hormone and an anabolic steroid.

Where the effects of Methyltestosterone could primarily benefit the athlete will be in a pure androgenic sense, not anabolic. By supplementing for short periods of time with a significant dose, the high level of androgenic activity could increase aggression significantly. This could be beneficial to power lifters and other strength athletes prior to competition. With most anabolic steroids, the aggression factor will not be a factor at all, but with this particular androgen, as is with the steroid Halotestin an enhanced aggressive nature is possible. It’s also important to note that aggression in of itself is not a bad thing. What we do with aggression is what makes it right or wrong. Enhanced aggression can be extremely beneficial when it’s used for the right purpose, such as competitions that surround strength. Some bodybuilders may also find the effects of Methyltestosterone beneficial in this regard right before competition to help them through the final stages when energy levels are often low. However, due to the potent estrogenic activity of Methyltestosterone there are normally better options.

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