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Trestolone decanoate is a synthetic androgen taken to build muscle rapidly, and is a theoretical candidate drug for use in hormonal male contraceptive methods. In males, regular administration of sufficient quantities of trestolone induces a state of temporaryinfertility. inadequate testosterone levels cause undesirable effects, such as fatigue, loss of skeletal muscle mass, reduced libido, and weight gain. However, the androgenic and anabolic properties of trestolone largely ameliorate this problem. Essentially, trestolone replaces testosterone's role as the primary male hormone in the body.

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1.Product Introduction

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Trestolone Decanoate

Product Name: Trestolone Decanoate

Synonyms: NSC-69948;U-15614

CAS No.:313-06-04

Molecular Formula: C21H30O3

Melting Point: 447.571 ° C at 760 mmHg

Molecular Weight: 330.47

Flash Point: 194.228 °

Density: 1.117 g/cm3

Appearance: light yellow liquids


Trestolone decanoate dosage and effect

As a moderate androgen, capric acid citrate is actually just a common steroid with men. when using it In the case of women, strong viral symptoms are of course possible outcomes. Some are tests,And found that low doses (5 mg) of this steroid are very strong for new muscle growth.When decaptated, decyl decanoate will produce a special quality and strength gain. The effectiveness is usually similar to other strong steroids, such as testosterone and anadero 50 Like the popularity of smart choice for the purpose of expansion. A daily dose of 20-40 mg is sufficient. Everyone will have dramatic results. Some practice to spend a higher dose, but this practice usually Leading to more profound side effects. It also incorporates a lot of other Steroid. It should be noted that Deca-Durabolin with mild anabolic metabolism is particularly well mixed

Trestolone decanoate Results

The injectable form of Trestolone decanoate is considered to be the best delivery method for this synthetic metabolic steroid,And the verbal form will produce the most unsatisfactory results. It should be noted that the dose is the key. anyone

Whoever uses steroid injections trestoneone acetate should follow all dose instructions,In order to avoid negative effects. Appropriate dosage will also bring the most effective results,Long-term use consistent.

Being moderately androgenic,trestolone decanoate is really only a popular steroid with men. When used by women, strong virilization symptoms are of course a possible result. Some do however experiment with it, and find low doses (5mg) of this steroid extremely powerful for new muscle growth.


Whenever taken, trestolone decanoate will produce exceptional mass and strength gains. It's effectiveness is often compared to other strong steroids like testosterone and Anadrol 50, and it is likewise a popular choice for bulking purposes. A daily dosage of 20-40mg is enough to give almost anybody dramatic results.

4.prodection details



    Lub npe


    Kev piav qhia

    Dawb los yog Almost Dawb Crystalline Hmoov

    Dawb hmoov

    Qhia txog

    Infrared Absorption



    97.0 ~ 103.0%


    Melting Point

    33 ~ 37 ° C

    34.5 ~ 36.5 ° C

    Tsis Nyob Ntawm Kev Ziab

    0.5% max


    Kev Hloov Tshwj Xeeb

    + 31 ° ~ + 36 ° (C = 1 hauv dioxane)

    + 33.5 °

    Organic ntsig txog Impurities

    2500PPm max


    Residual Solvents

    Ua kom raws li cov cai. (USP29)

    Pom zoo

    Chromatographic purity

    tag nrho ntawm impurities: 3.0% max


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