Equipoise 300 Mg/Ml Boldenone Undecylenate 300

Boldenone Undecylenate(Equipoise) is a steroid compound that can give users slow but steady gains during a cycle.It is also relatively safe with very few reports of the side effects caused by testosterone conversion into estrogen.

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Equipoise 300 mg/Ml Semi-finished Steroid Oil Boldenone Undecylenate 300 mg/Ml 

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Equipoise Basic Info

Boldenone Undecylenate is a derivative of testosterone, which has strong anabolic effect and only moderately androgenic. It provides a slow but steady and consistent gain in quality mass and strength along with with good relief. 

Name: Boldenone Undecylenate 300 mg/Ml 

Alias: equipoise 300mg/ml

Concentration: 200mg/ml, 300mg/ml, 400mg/ml, 600mg/ml

Carrier oil: grape seed oil, MCT, EO and so on

Effective Dose (Men): 300mg to 400mg+ week
Effective Dose (Women): 50-150mg per week
Half life: Boldenone undecylenate 14 days

Detection Time: Up to 5 months
Anabolic/ Androgenic ratio: 100:50

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Equipoise Application

Boldenone Undeclynate has become a very popular steroid with athletes and bodybuilders due to the fact that it has very low side effects and has anabolic properties which promote a steady gain in quality muscle mass over time. Androgenic effects include maturation of the sex organs, particularly the penis and the formation of the scrotum in the fetus, and after birth (usually at puberty) a deepening of the voice, growth of the beard and axillary hair. Many of these fall into the category of male secondary sex characteristics.

This steroid is a favorite among bodybuilders who are looking to make solid gains without the extra bloat, or are nearing contest.

Equipoise Half Life

A serious drawback of Equipoise is its long half-life, which is probably at least 12 days. This results in an extended period of time after the last injection during which levels are neither sufficiently high for optimal anabolism, nor low enough to allow recovery to occur. A solution for this problem is to use Equipoise in only the earlier part of a cycle.

Equipoise Stacks


Equipoise is a very versatile compound. We can create a number of drug combinations with it depending on the desired result.


1.For mass, one may want to stack it with Anadrol or an injectable testosterone. The result should be an incredible gain of muscle size and strength, without the same intensity of side effects if using the androgen (at a higher dose) alone.


2.When used in a cutting cycle, muscle hardness and density can be greatly improved when combining Equipoise with a non-aromatizable steroid such as trenbolone acetate, Halotestin, or Winstrol.


3.When used in a bulking cycle, EQ is stacked with dianabol and testosterone (cypionate or enanthate). It’s a good idea to use cycle aids with your EQ run. In addition, an aromatase inhibitor (AI) like aromasin or arimidex is needed with boldenone.

Equipoise Dosage and Usage 

Boldenone stays active for quite a long time, in medicine injections are required every 3 or even 4 weeks. However, athletes must do it every other days to maintain stable levels. If this is not possible, do it no less than once per weekAverage dosages of Equipoise are 400-600 mg (in rare occasions 200 mg) per week.  This is quite sufficient, do not increase the dosage above 600 mg since it will not produce any additional benefits.

Common bulking cycle length is 10-12 weeks, shorter cycles are much less effective because this is slow acting drug!


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Boldenone Undeclynate 300

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