Tri Test 400 Liquid Oil Multi-Blended Testosterone Injection TriTest 400

Tri-Test 300 contains Three esters of Testosterone, One Fast, One Medium acting and One Long acting : Test Enanthate, Testosterone Phenylpropionate and Testosterone Propionate.The New Tri-Test 300 is a new and inovative product developed as a superior substitute to Sustanon 250.

Product Details

1.Product Introduction

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Tri Test 400

Tri Test 400Testosterone enanthate120mg/ml
Testosterone Cypionate120mg/ml
Testosterone decanoate160mg/ml

Tri Test 300--------1000ml
Testosterone enanthate 120g 
Testosterone Cypionate 120g  
Testosterone Decanoate 160g
Benzyl Alcohol 20ml;
Benzyl Benzoate 200ml;
Others:Grape seed oil

Tri Test 300--------1000ml
Testosterone Propionate 30g 
Testosterone Phenylpropionate90g  
Testosterone enanthate180g
Benzyl Alcohol 20ml;
Benzyl Benzoate 200ml;
Others:Grape seed oil


Tri Test 300

1.Testosterone enanthate

Active Life: 15-16 days

Half life:8 days-10days

Detection Time: 3 months

Common doses: 250mg + (500mg-1g common) per week

2.Testosterone Cypionate

Active life: 8 days

Half life:12 days

Detection Time: 3 months

Effective Dose (Men): 300-2000mg+ week

3.Testosterone decanoate

Active life: 15 days

Detection Time: Up to 6 weeks

Half-Life: 15 Days

Effective Dose (Men): 250-1,000mgs/week  

4.prodection details

Tri-Test 300 made by Testosterone decanoate, Testosterone Isocaproate, Testosterone Phenylpropionate and Testosterone propionate, the 4 steroids conceration are 100mg/ml. 50mg/ml, 100mg/ml, 50mg/ml. Tri-Test 300 combines four steroids so that users can enjoy the beneficial effects of all of these powerful types steroids.

What would Tri-Test 300 Blend Oil bring you on bodybuilding?
Tri-Test 300 provides the essential ingredients for high levels of muscle mass, fat loss and quality competitive conditioning.

5. Packaging & Delivery

Country of originChina
PriceNegotiable according to how many do you need
Payment TermWest Union /Bitcoin/ Money Gram/ banktransfer
Shipping time3-10days arrived door to door most countries
Shipping wayDHL;HKDHL;EMS;THT;HKEMS;UPS;FedEx send your package
Shipping packingDiscreet packing
Packingas your requirement

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