Ribavirin CAS 36791-04-5

Ribavirin is a guanosine (ribonucleic) analog used to stop viral RNA synthesis and viral mRNA capping, thus, it is a nucleoside inhibitor.

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Antbiotic Pharmaceutical Raw Material Ribavirin CAS 36791-04-5

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Ribavirin Basic Info

Product NameRibavirin


PHYSICAL STATEwhite crystalline powder
Usageanti-infective, anti-fungal
StorageStore in cool and dry places, keep away from strong light
Package methodshundreds of disgusied pacakges
After-sales serviceWarm after-sale service for you 24/7. Any of your question would be solved for the first as soon as possible.
Shipping methodFedEx,UPS,DHL,EMS, Fedex and so on, by air or sea.Will choose the best shipping way.
Delivery timedelivery quickly at the day when receive the payment, will be deliveried in 4-7days after tracking
Payment MethodsWestern union, money gram, bitcoin and bank transfer

Ribavirin Descrption

Ribavirin, also known as ribavirin, ribavirin, Nice can be, is a potent broad-spectrum antiviral drugs, now widely used in the prevention and treatment of viral diseases. Ribavirin is active against a number of DNA and RNAviruses. It is a member of the nucleoside antimetabolite drugs that interfere with duplication of viral genetic material. Ribavirin is active against influenzas, flaviviruses, and agents of many viral hemorrhagic fevers.

Ribavirin Application

Ribavirin is a kind of broad-spectrum antiviral drugs for treating influenza (influenza A and B viruses), adenovirus pneumonia, hepatitis, herpes, measles with prevention and treatment effect

Ribavirin is also effective on treating the epidemic hemorrhagic fever, particularly effective treatment of patients in their early stages. Oral administration can cause diarrhea without other significant toxicity but may cause neutropenia. Large dose can inhibit the maturation of hemoglobin and red blood cells, causing reversible anemia. There have been reports regarding to the teratogenicity and embryo toxicity in animal experiments. Pregnant women should be hanged.

Ribavirin is a broad-spectrum antiviral nucleoside drug used for treating influenza, adenovirus pneumonia of children, viral hepatitis, respiratory syncytial virus infection, acute keratitis, conjunctivitis, epidemic hemorrhagic fever and herpes zoster.

Ribavirin  COA

Items of analysis
DescriptionWhite crystalline powderconforms
IdentificationA: Infrared Absorption B: TLCconforms
Specific rotationBetween –33.5° and –37.0 °-36.4°
pHbetween 4.0 and 6.54.6
Loss on drying≤0.5%0.1%
Residue on ignition≤0.25%0.1%
Heavy metals≤0.001%conforms
Individual peak≤ 0.25%Individual peak0.05% 0.03%
Total≤ 1.0 %0.2%
Assay98.9 to 101.5%99.6%

Ribavirin raw

How do we guarantee the top quality

1) Purchasing
Thorough market research, understand the price of raw materials and performance.To the procurement source to understand fully, and fully guarantee the quality of the procurement of raw materials.
2) Inspection
Four steps: sampling, sample pretreatment, measuring and data processing.
3) Producing
a) Each operator must do self-inspection of producs and make the corresponding inspection records.
b) Full-time inspectors through check the operator self-inspection, and review and sign in the corresponding record. Full-time inspection is responsible for inspection of finished product, and make the finished product incoming inspection records.
4) Before selling
Test result can be provided before selling.
Third-party detection institution is allowed if you are not satisfied with test results.



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