Propofol CAS 2078-54-8

Propofol, marketed as Diprivan among other names, is a short-acting medication that results in a decreased level of consciousness and lack of memory for events.

Product Details

99% Purity Propofol CAS 2078-54-8 For General Anesthesia

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Propofol Quick Details

Product NamePropofol
PHYSICAL STATEwhite crystalline powder
Usagewhite to light yellow liquild
Storagekeep in cool, dry place
Package methodshundreds of disgused packages
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Propofol Descrption

Propofol was discovered in 1977 and approved for use in the United States in 1989.It is on the World Health Organization's List of Essential Medicines, the most effective and safe medicines needed in a health system.It is available as a generic medication

Propofol also used for procedural sedation. Its use in these settings results in a faster recovery compared tomidazolam.It can also be combined with opioids or benzodiazepines. Because of its fast induction and recovery time, propofol is also widely used for sedation of infants and children undergoing MRI.

Propofol Application

Propofol is used for induction and maintenance (in some cases) of general anesthesia, having largely replaced sodium thiopental. It can also be administered as part of an anaesthesia maintenance technique called total intravenous anesthesia using either manually-programmed infusion pumps or computer-controlled infusion pumps in a process calledtarget controlled infusion or TCI.

Propofol slows the activity of your brain and nervous system.Propofol is used to help you relax before and during general anesthesia for surgery or other medical procedure. 

Propofol is also used in critically ill patients who require a breathing tube connected to a ventilator (a machine that moves air in and out of the lungs when a person cannot breathe on their own).

Propofol is often used instead of sodium thiopental for starting anesthesia because recovery from propofol is more rapid and "clear."

Propofol is very commonly used in the ICU as a sedation medication for intubated people.It can be run through aperipheral IV or central line. Propofol is commonly paired with fentanyl (for pain relief) in intubated and sedated people. Both are compatible in IV form.

Propofol Dosage

It is advisable to adjust the dose at the time of administration [about 4 ml (40 mg) given daily to the average healthy adult] and to observe the patient's response until the clinical signs indicate onset of anesthesia. Most adult patients younger than 55 years of age require approximately 2.0-2.5 mg / kg of propofol; those who exceed this age will generally have less need; and ASA grade III and IV patients should be given less frequently, every 10 seconds 2 ml (20 mg).

Propofol Specification

Product name




Outer Packing


Standard adopted


Items of analysis




Colorless or very light yellow clear liquid

Very light yellow clear liquid




Refractive index



Impurity G


Not detected

Impurity E


Not detected

Any other impurity



Total impurities



Impurity J,K,L,O











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Propofol CAS2078-54-8 raw

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