Amorolfine hydrochloride is a hydrochloride resulting from the formal reacton of equimolar amounts of hydrogen chloride and amorolfine. Any needs contact:Whatsapp:+8613378646535

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       Pharmaceutical AMOROLFINE HCL  Intermediate Antifungal Drugs

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Pharmaceutical Amorolfine hydrochloride CAS: 78613-38-4 antihypertensive

Amorolfine hydrochloride-Product Name: Amorolfine hydrochloride

Amorolfine hydrochloride-CAS: 78613-38-4

Amorolfine hydrochloride-MF: C21H36ClNO

Amorolfine hydrochloride-MW: 353.97

Amorolfine hydrochloride-Chemical Properties: Liquid

Amorolfine hydrochloride-Usage: antihypertensive

Usage:Vasotropic/ Venous Disorders


Amorolfine Hydrochloride is the hyrochloride salt form of amorolfine, a morpholine antifungal agent. Amorolfine inhibits delta-14-reductase and delta-7,8-isomerase, which depletes ergosterol and causes ignosterol to accumulate in the fungal cytoplasmic cell membrane.

Amorolfines Hydrochloride Applications and Dosage:

1. 1-2 times a week in a drug case file A file as light infected finger (toe), including (toe) A surface. Do not have contact with sick A healthy nail file filing finger (toe), it would be the spread of infection. At the same time careful not to share with others an A filing, to prevent cross-infection. Light infected file finger (toe), the required cleaning swab kit (toe) A surface. For each disease A, repeat the procedure. Then remove the drug shovel liniment, liniment avoid touching the bottle in order to avoid the loss. Then liniment uniform coating on the entire finger (toe), for each disease A repeat coating. Finally nails coated with the liniment dried for 3 minutes. Before the second use, first remove the old swab liniment. If necessary to file once, then again applicator liquid.

2. Because of the dry water and soap liniment is not affected, the patient may be properly wash their hands or feet. However, when in contact with chemical substances (such as various paint thinner, white wine), you need to wear rubber or impervious gloves to protect liniment. In the infection has not been cleared, normal finger (toe) did not grow before, it is necessary to continue the FDA. For nails medication, it generally takes six months duration, toenail need to continue 9-12 months.

3. Treatment is usually required to observe the progress every three months. Drug information: drugs provided shovel can be reused. But after each applicator should be thoroughly cleaned liquid medicine shovel. Use clean referring to the same swab cleaning agents (toe) A shovel, and avoid contact with this new swab coated with liniment a disease. Swab flammable, properly disposed of. If it accidentally strayed into the eye or liniment ear, immediately flush with water and give appropriate treatment. This product should avoid contact with mucous membranes; do not inhale. After ingestion of this product to be given appropriate treatment.

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