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    Nootropoic powder Galantamine Hydrobromide for brain improvement 

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Product Name: Galantamine Hydrobromide

MF: C17H22BrNO3

MW: 368.27

EINECS: 217-780-5

CAS No.: 1953-04-4

Product Categories: Alkaloids;Alkaloids (Others);Biochemistry;Functional Products;Heterocycles;Intermediates & Fine Chemicals;Pharmaceuticals;API's;Acetylcholine receptor;API;Chiral Reagents;Reminyl;Other APIs;Pharmaceutical intermediates

MP 256 °C

Storage temp. −20°C

Chemical Properties: White to Off-White Powder

Usage: A selective acetylcholinesterase inhibitor. A therapeutic agent for the treatment and prevention of Alzheimer's disease and other diseases resulting from reduced neuronal metabolism; Alzheimer treatment;Cholinesterase inhibitor;anticholinesterase, analgesic, antiAlzheimer

Galantamine Hydrobromide Description:

Galanthamine is a kind of anticholinesterase drug, which can better improve the conduction between nerve and muscle. it could be used myasthenia gravis, progressive myodystrophy, post polio syndrome, child brain paralysis, sense obstruction, cinesipathy and polyneuritis induced by nervous system diseases.


Galanthamine is the anti-cholinesterase, weak effect.

It has strong effect to the central nervous system through the blood brain barrier.

It mainly cures the infantile paralysis sequelae, sweeny and myasthenia gravis

pseudoparalytica, etc. It also can be applied to puerilism, posttraumatic apoplexy,

polyneuritis and radiculitis.


used in myasthenia gravis, poliovirus quiescent stage and

sequela, also in polyneuritis, funiculitis and sensorimotor barrier caused by nervous

system disease or traumatism. It's major used in Alzheimer's disease, has the principal

function for dement and dysmnesia caused by organic brain damage.


1. Galanthamine hydrobromide is used for myasthenia gravis, muscular dystrophy, polio sequelae, children cerebral palsy, sensory or motor disorders caused by neurological disorders , multiple neuritis.

2.The oral dosage form of the drug can be used for memory impairment, mild to moderate Alzheimer's disease.

Oral: it is used for myasthenia gravis, muscular dystrophy, multiple peripheral neuropathy treatment: 1 10mg per time, tid. Children 0.5 ~ 1mg / (kg · d), 3 times.

3. It is used for Alzheimer's disease: initial dose of 1 4mg, bid, for four weeks; maintenance dose of 8mg per time, bid, at least for four weeks; maximum maintenance dose of 1 times 12mg, bid.

Intramuscular or subcutaneous injection: 2.5 ~ 10mg / d, children each 0.05 ~ 0.1mg / kg, qd, 1 course is 2 to 6 weeks. Poliomyelitis continuous medication 40 ~ 50d, the general course of treatment is 20 ~ 40d, the start of the second compartment is 30 ~ 45d after treatment. After 1 to 2 courses ,if the condition has not been improved, patients should stop the medication. If it is effective ,3 courses can be used. Application of the dose should be small to large, in order to reduce adverse reactions.

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Beta nicotinamide mononucleotide1094-61-7
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