Galantamine Hydrobromide CAS: 1953-04-4 Raw Powder

Galantamine Hydrobromide CAS: 1953-04-4 Raw Powder China Steroid Raws/ Sarms/ Peptides sell on line. If you want to know more details, please contact Jason on: Email: WhatsApp:+8618042849221 Keywords: Galantamine Hydrobromide, CAS: 1953-04-4 1. Product Introduction Product...

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Galantamine Hydrobromide CAS: 1953-04-4 Raw Powder


China Steroid Raws/ Sarms/ Peptides sell on line. If you want to know more details, please contact Jason on: Email:  WhatsApp:+8618042849221


Keywords: Galantamine Hydrobromide, CAS: 1953-04-4


1. Product Introduction

Product Name: Galantamine Hydrobromide
CAS: 1953-04-4
MF: C17H22BrNO3
MW: 368.27
EINECS: 217-780-5
Product Categories: Intermediates & Fine Chemicals, API
Melting point: 256 °C
Storage temp.: -20°C
Color: White to Off-White Powder

Galantamine Hydrobromide

2. Product description:

Galantamine hydrobromide is the hydrobromide salt of galantamine and is a cholinesterase inhibitor can be extracted from Amaryllidaceae Lycoris plant. The III-phase clinical trials in the United Kingdom in 1998 have showed that this drug had dual mechanism of action of both inhibiting acetylcholinesterase and regulating nicotinic receptors. Therefore, galantamine can improve the cognitive abilities of Alzheimer's patients and has been already applied as the drug of the treatment of mild to severe Alzheimer's disease (AD) drugs and has entered into market in EC countries. "Chinese Pharmacopoeia" has included the both the raw material and injection of galantamine hydrobromide. It is clinically mainly used for the treatment of poliomyelitis (polio) sequelae, muscular dystrophy and myasthenia gravis. It can be used to substitute neostigmine methyl-sulfate for antagonism of tubocurarine but with weak performance with the usage amount being ten times as high as the usage amount of neostigmine methyl-sulfate. 

3. Galantamine hydrobromide COA:

Items of analysisSpecificationResults
AppearanceWhite crystalline powderComplies
IdentificationIR HPLCComplies
Test for BromideA yellow precipitate is formed indicating the presence of bromideions.Complies
Loss on Drying (%w/w,determined on 1.0g)Not more than 0.5%0.25%
Residue on Ignition (%w/w,determined on 1.0g)Not more than 0.1%0.06%
SolubilitySoluble in 0.1N sodium hydroxide, sparingly soluble in water, very slightly soluble in alcohol,insoluble in n-propanol.Complies
Heavy metalsNot more than 20 PPMLess than 20 PPM
Limit Of Galanthamine Enantiomer [(+)-Galanthamine] (By HPLC,%w/w)Not more than 0.01%Not detected
Norgalanthamine [USP:N-Desmethylgalantamine]Not more than 0.20%Not detected
Lycoramine[USP:Dihydrogalantamine]Not more than 0.35%0.13%
Glanthamine N-oxideNot more than 0.20%Below Limit of Quantification
EpigalanthamineNot more than 0.20%Below Limit of Quantification
EpigalanthamineNot more than 0.40%Below Limit of Quantification
O-DesmethylgalanthamineNot more than 0.20%Not detected
NarwedineNot more than 0.15%0.02%
Any otherNot more than 0.10%Not detected
TotalNot more than 1.0%0.17%
TolueneNot more than 890 ppmBelow Limit of Quantification
EthanolNot more than 5000 ppm377
TetrahydrofuranNot more than 500 ppmNot detected
Bromide ContentBetween 20.6 %and 22.8%21.7%
Particle Size(By Malvern Particle size analyzer, µm)D(v,0.1)29 µm
Particle Size(By Malvern Particle size analyzer, µm)D(v,0.5)102µm
Particle Size(By Malvern Particle size analyzer, µm)D(v,0.9)188µm


4. Galantamine hydrobromide Benefits

1) anti-oxidation series:

bilberry extract, cranberry extract, grape seed extract, elderberry extract, lutein, zeaxanthin, pine bark extract, rosemary extract, pine bark extract. lemon balm extract.

2) liver protecting:

silybum marianum extract, artichoke extract, antrodia camphorate extract, schisandea extract.

3) immune system enhancer series:

wolfberry extract, echinacea extract, tribulus terrestris extract, resveratrol, 5htp, citrus aurantium extract, nettle extract, red cover extract, reishi extract, rhodiola rosea extract, black cohosh extract, astragalus extract, ginseng extract, cinnamomum cassia extract, schisandra chinensis extract.

4) heat-clearing and detoxifying series:

lemon balm extract, dandelion extract.

5)weight loss series:

white kidney bean extract, garcinia cambogia extract, cassia nomame extract, 5htp.

6)man and woman healthy:

yohimbe bark extract, common cnidium extract, epimedium extract, pygeum africanum extract, saw palmetto extract, soybean extract, pueraria lobata extract, wild yam extract.

7) mushroom extract:

reishi extract, maitake extract, shitake extract, cordceps extract.

8) anti-cancer:

resveratrol, wolfberry extract, flaxseed extract, pomegranate extract, bilberry extract.

9) anti-depressant:

passiflora incarnate extract, st john's wort extract.

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6. Order Process:


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