Donepezil Hydrochloride CAS 55-31-2

Aricept (donepezil hydrochloride) is a cholinesterase inhibitor that reduces or prevents acetylcholine breakdown in brain tissue. Aricept is used to treat mild to moderate dementia like that found in patients with Alzheimer's disease.Any needs contact:whatsapp:+8613378646535

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Product Name: Donepezil hcl 

CAS: 120014-06-4

MF: C24H29NO3

MW: 379.492

Purity: 99%

MP: 207ºC

BP: 527.9°C at 760 mmHg

FP: 273.1°C

Density: 1.141g/cm3

Grade: Pharmaceutical Grade

Appearance: White Powder


Donepezil is a centrally acting reversible acetylcholinesterase inhibitor. Its main therapeutic use is in the palliative treatment of Alzheimer's disease. Common side effects include gastrointestinal upset. It has an oral bioavailability of 100% and easily crosses the blood-brain barrier. Because it has a biological half-life of about 70 hours, it can be taken once a day.


Donepezil has been tested in other cognitive disorders including Lewy body dementia and vascular dementia, but it is not currently approved for these indications. Donepezil has been found to improve sleep apnea in Alzheimer's patients. Donepezil has also been studied in patients with Mild Cognitive Impairment, schizophrenia, attention deficit disorder, post-coronary bypass cognitive impairment, cognitive impairment associated with multiple sclerosis, CADASIL, and Down syndrome.

Donepezil HCl Uses:

1. Donepezil hydrochloride is used to increase the levels of a chemical (acetylcholine) in the brain involved in memory function. It does this by slowing down the destruction of acetylcholine.

2. It belongs to a group of medicines called acetylcholinesterase inhibitors.

3. t is used to treat symptoms of dementia.

4. In general this drug is used in Alzheimer's disease

5. Benefits of being on this drug can include the treatment of the symptoms of dementia in people diagnosed as having mild and moderately severe Alzheimer’s disease. The symptoms include increasing memory loss, confusion and behavioural changes.Function

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Side Effects

In clinical trials the most common adverse events leading to discontinuation were nausea, diarrhea, and vomiting. Other side effects included difficulty sleeping, muscle cramps and anorexia. Most side effects were observed in patients taking the 23 mg dose compared to 10 mg or lower doses. Side effects improved with continued use.

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