Adrafinil Stimulates Drugs Antidepressant

Adrafinil is a stimulatory drug that is used by late shift workers, or early-morning workers to help improve alertness and increase the feeling of wakefulness. This drug has also been shown to help increase overall motivation possibly due to its positive effects in regard to dopamine receptors.It also provides nootropic effects, increasing learning abilities, improving memory, and improving overall brain energy. It is used for a variety of people and situations. Among the most common users are narcolepsy patients, students, and shift workers.

Product Details

1.Product Introduction

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  • Production Name: Adrafinil

  • Alias:2-[(Diphenylmethyl)sulfinyl]acetohydroxamic acid

  • CAS No: 63547-13-7

  • Einecs No:264-303-1

  • MF: C15H15NO3S

  • MW:289.35

  • Purity: 99%min

  • Appearance: White Powder


Dosage recommendations vary, but a range of 150 to 300 mg daily is widely accepted as safe and effective. It is a very powerful nootropic, so it’s a good idea to give the body a chance to adjust by starting with a lower dose and gradually increasing it as needed.

Adrafinil should be ingested on an empty stomach. Because of its potent wakefulness-inducing properties, it should be taken in the morning to allow for normal night’s sleep. Effects can typically be felt within an hour, and the duration of a single dose can be 3-4 hours.

Taking adrafinil on a long-term basis is inadvisable, as it could potentially affect liver function. Using adrafinil on a cycle (for instance, two weeks on, one week off) is recommended. If you do plan to take adrafinil for an extended period, it’s important to have your liver function closely monitored by a medical professional.

How Does Adrafinil Work?

1) Since Adrafinil is a central nervous system stimulant, is directly affects the adrenergic system as well as your catecholamine hormone levels. When you’re under levels of stress or excitement, the adrenergic system releases adrenalin.

2) Adrenalin rushes are completely natural, as they’re an evolutionary response when you feel threatened. When your adrenergic neurotransmitters are increased, you experience increased levels of focus and concentration.

3) Dopamine plays a direct role in the way we feel and our ability to regulate mood. It inhibits the breakdown of dopamine, providing a more positive mood and a reduction in stress levels.

4.prodection details

Items of analysis








DescriptionPink to off-white crystalline powderConform
SolubilitySoluble in methanol, slightly soluble in ethyl acetate and methylene hloride, practically insoluble in waterConform
Melting point148℃~150℃149.0~149.3℃
IdentificationIR /HPLCConform
Loss on drying≤0.5%0.32%
Max Single impurity<0.1%0.08%
Residue on ignition≤0.1%0.078%
Heavy metal≤20ppmConform


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