Dexamethasone CAS 50-02-2

Dexamethasone CAS 50-02-2 China Steroid Raws/ Sarms/ Peptides sell on line. If you want to know more details, please contact Jason on: WhatsApp:+8618042849221 Keywords: Dexamethasone; CAS 50-02-2 1. Product Introduction Product name: Dexamethasone Appearance: White or...

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Dexamethasone CAS 50-02-2


China Steroid Raws/ Sarms/ Peptides sell on line. If you want to know more details, please contact Jason on:  WhatsApp:+8618042849221


Keywords: Dexamethasone; CAS 50-02-2


1. Product Introduction

Product name: Dexamethasone

Appearance: White or almost white crystalline powder

CAS No.:50-02-2

MF: C22H29FO5

Assay: 98%

Grade: Pharmaceutical grade

Shelf life: 2 Years

Storage: Kept in a cool and dry place

Dexamethasone (2)


2. Product description:

Dexamethasone is a type of corticosteroid medication.It is used in the treatment of many conditions, including rheumatic problems, a number of skin diseases, severe allergies, asthma, chronic obstructive lung disease, croup, brain swelling, and along with antibiotics in tuberculosis.In adrenocortical insufficiency, it should be used together with a medication that has greater mineralocorticoid effects such as fludrocortisone.In preterm labor, it may be used to improve outcomes in the baby.It may be taken by mouth, as an injection into a muscle, or intravenously.The effects of dexamethasone are frequently seen within a day and last for about three days.


3. Dexamethasone COA

Product nameDexamethasones 
AppearanceWhite crystalline powder
Chromatographic purityAny individual impurity not more than 1.0%0.35%
Total impurities not more than 2.0%0.80%
Loss on dryingNot more than 0.5%0.12%
Residue on ignitionNot more than 0.2%0.05%
Residual solventsMethanol≤3000ppm356ppm
Methylene Chloride≤600ppmNot detect out
Chloroform≤60ppmNot detect out
Tetrahydrofuran≤720ppmNot detect out
AssayBetween 97.0% and 102.0%98.50%
Micronixation90% not more than 10 microns90% not more than 10


4. Dexamethasone Applications:

Dexamethaso wide range of applications, the role of strong, significantly, is commonly used corticosteroids, in the rescue of allergic diseases, shock, and other severe acute endocrine crisis have played a key role, is indispensable clinical drugs. Dexamethaso anti-inflammatory effects and control skin allergy stronger than prednisone, its anti-inflammatory activity equivalent to 0.75mg 5mg prednisone, skin allergies better. For status asthmaticus critical situation of the disease, it may be a good short-term high-dose intravenous dexamethaso effects, intravenous infusion every 5 ~ 20mg, 4 ~ 6h can be repeated dosing, reduction after 48 ~ 72h, 5 ~ 7 days withdrawal. Patients with cerebral edema due to various reasons can be given for the first time 10mg intravenous injection. Every 4 to 6 hours after intramuscular injection of 2 ~ 4mg, generally can be alleviated within 24h, 48 ~ 72h reductions, 7 days withdrawal.

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