The Origin Of Health Care Products

- Apr 01, 2019-

The determination of the concept and name of health foods has long been inconclusive, and countries around the world have many different understandings based on their understanding of the country. The United States named it "Functional Foods". In fact, the term functional food was first proposed by Japan.

As early as 1962, functional foods were defined in the documents of the Ministry of Health and Welfare of Japan: "Functional foods have functional factors related to biological defense, biological rhythm adjustment, disease prevention, and recovery of health. They are designed and processed and have obvious effects on living organisms. Adjust the function of the food."

In November 1990, Japan proposed to change "functional food" to "Food Specified Health Use"; in South Korea, health food was called "Therapeutic Foods". Germany refers to this type of food as "improving food." The term "Health Foods" or "Funcitional Foods" is commonly used in European countries. In addition, internationally, there are nutritious foods (Nutritional Foods) and the name of "Phama Foods" proposed by American scientists.