The Difference Between Health Products And Medicines

- Mar 13, 2019-

First: production and formulation are different. The production capacity and technical conditions of pharmaceuticals must be strictly examined by relevant state departments, and through strict examinations of pharmacology, pathology, viruses, and clinical observations for many years, they can be put into the market after being appraised and approved by relevant departments. And health care products do not need to go through hospital clinical trials, and can be directly put into the market. In this way, the drug must have the exact curative effect and indication, and the adverse reaction is clear; it is not the health care product.

Second: the quality control of the production process is different. As a pharmaceutical vitamin product (drug size), it must be produced in a pharmaceutical factory. The quality control requirements in the production process are very high, such as air cleanliness, sterility standards, raw material quality, etc. All pharmaceuticals must meet GMP standards (drugs). Production quality specifications); as a food vitamin product (food size), it can be produced in food factories, the standard is lower than the pharmaceutical production standards.

Third: The difference in efficacy. As a drug, it must be clinically verified and approved by the State Food and Drug Administration (SFDA). It has strict indications and has a certain therapeutic effect on the disease. As a food health product, there is no therapeutic effect. Health indicators such as substances and bacteria can be listed after being qualified.

Fourth: the difference between the manual and advertising. As a medicine, there must be a detailed instruction manual approved by the SFDA. The indications, precautions, and adverse reactions are very strict. As a food health product, the instructions are not so detailed and strict. To ensure safety, it is best to choose a drug that is approved by the SFDA and labeled "OTC" (over-the-counter). Please check to see if there is a detailed instruction.