Health Care Product Considerations

- Mar 26, 2019-

Health care products include the following six aspects:

1. In propaganda, it is strictly forbidden to use medical terms, or words that are easily confused with drugs, and it is forbidden to promote the efficacy.

2. It is strictly forbidden to promote the role of improving and enhancing sexual function.

3. The advertisement shall be accompanied by a clearly uniform sky blue health food mark, wherein the health food mark in the newspaper print advertisement shall have a diameter of not less than 1 cm.

4. Health foods that are not qualified after the sampling inspection by the health administrative department at or above the county level will be suspended from advertising in the jurisdiction, and will be released after the original sampling department or its superior department has passed the spot check again.

5. Printed advertisements must be published with the approval of the industrial and commercial department. The advertisements must not be modified or added without authorization. The printed approval number must be indicated.

6. Health food products must be marked with the "health food" logo and the health food approval document number [Wei Shi Jian Zi (Year) No. xxx] or [National Food Jian G (Year) XXXXX].