Correct Understanding Of Health Care Products

- Mar 26, 2019-

First, health care products are not drugs first, can regulate physiological functions, but have little effect on treating diseases. Can be used for adjuvant therapy. There are 27 kinds of functional regulations for health foods in the state, including: 1. Enhancing immunity function; 2. Helping to lower blood fat function; 3. Auxiliary blood sugar lowering function; 4. Antioxidant function; 5. Helping to improve memory function; 6. Relieving Vision fatigue function; 7, promote lead discharge function; 8, clear throat function; 9, auxiliary blood pressure lowering function; 10, improve sleep function; 11, promote lactation function; 12, relieve physical fatigue function; 13, improve hypoxia tolerance Force function; 14, auxiliary protection function for radiation damage; 15, weight loss function; 16, improve growth and development function; 17, increase bone density function; 18, improve nutritional anemia function; 19, auxiliary protection for chemical liver injury 20, hemorrhoids function; 21, to chloasma function; 22, improve skin moisture function; 23, improve skin oil function; 24, regulate intestinal flora function; 25, promote digestion; 26, laxative Function; 27, has an auxiliary protection function for gastric mucosal damage.