Characteristics Of Health Care Products

- Mar 19, 2019-

The development, production and taking of health foods are different from those of medicines, especially health foods made from Chinese herbal medicines. Health foods cannot be as fast-acting as medicines, but they must be non-toxic.

1. Processed from materials or ingredients used in common foods.

2. Ingest in the usual form and method.

3. Labels labeled with biometrics.

According to the Japanese functional food expert Chiba hero, functional foods must have the following six conditions:

1. The purpose of the guide, the purpose of production is clear (there is a clear health function);

2. A functional factor (or active ingredient) containing a chemical structure that has been elucidated;

3. Functional factors are stable in food and have specific forms and contents;

4. Effective by oral ingestion;

5. High security;

6. Accepted as a food for consumers.