Melanotan II MT-2 Peptide Powder

Melanotan II MT-2 Peptide Powder

Melanotan II MT-2 Peptide Powder China Steroid Raws/ Sarms/ Peptides sell on line. If you want to know more details, please contact Jason on: Email: WhatsApp:+8618042849221 keywords: Melanotan II,Melanotan 2, MT-2 1. Product Introduction Product Name: Melanotan II Acetate...

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Melanotan II MT-2 Peptide Powder


China Steroid Raws/ Sarms/ Peptides sell on line. If you want to know more details, please contact Jason on: Email:  WhatsApp:+8618042849221


keywords: Melanotan II,Melanotan 2, MT-2 

1. Product Introduction

Product Name: Melanotan II Acetate (MT-II)

CAS No.: 121062-08-6 
Molecular Formula: C50H71N15O10
Molecular Weight: 1042.1932
Property: White powder
Assay: 99%
Packing: As your request


2. Product Description:

Melanotan II (also known as MT-II or MT-2) is an injectable peptide hormone used to promote tanning. MT-II works by stimulating alpha-melanocyte receptors, which promotes formation of melanin in response to sun exposure. When a substantial amount of MT-II has been taken within recent "memory" of the skin cells, an individual tans as if he were a genetically darker type.

Melanotan not a treatment or cure for anything. Nor should it be considered a preventative treatment to skin cancer. Despite this tanning peptide being known to protect the skin through the natural tanning process, it is not in and itself a guaranteed full proof UV shield. However it is a great way for those who don't tan easily to get sun-kissed all year long with minimal exposure to the sun.

3. MT-2 COA:

Product nameHexarelin
Other nameHexarelin Acetate
CAS register number140703-51-1
Molecular formulaC47H58N12O6
Molecular weight887.04022
AppearanceWhite crystalline powder
Single Impurity(HPLC)1.0%
Amino Acid Composition10% of theoretical
Peptide Content (N%)80%(by %N)
Water Content(Karl Fischer)6.0%
Mass Balance95.0~105.0%

4. MT-2 Benefits:

  • It's a kind of nutritional supplement. 

  • It can improve the aerobic metabolism of the muscle and greatly enhance muscle strength and endurance from diet alone.

  • It can be used as nutrition enhancer.

  • It's one of the most popular and effective nutritional supplements as well as the indispensable product for bodybuilders.

  • It is also widely used by other athletes, such as football players, basketball players and so on. 

5. MT-2 Dosage:

Like every peptide we have discussed thus far, please remember that peptides come in the form of a white delicate powder and should be stored out of light in a cool dry place.  All peptides need to be reconstituted with bacteriostatic water or sodium chloride specifically used for injections.  In order to use Melanotan II effectively, you need to understand your skin type.  To keep things simple, we can go ahead and break skin types into three categories.
  1. Skin Type 1:  Very fair skin, never tans.  Dosages: 50-60mgs or 5-6vials.

  2. Skin Type 2:  Fair skin, burns but sometimes tans.  Dosages: 30-40mgs or 3-4 vials.

  3. Skin Type 3:  Medium skin, sometimes burns and always tans.  Dosages: 20mgs or 2 vials.

Beyond that, if your pigmentation is already naturally olive or darker, you will need to use less Meanotan II for your tanning needs.  The tan results coupled with exposure to sunlight and UV rays should last a user all summer or through a season.

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