DMAA/1,3-dimethylamylamine /1,3-DMAA

DMAA is a powerful stimulant that can cause a sudden increase in intense energy like other stimulants , but does so in a different manner and by different mechanisms in the brain. It is used pre-workout, in fat burners and as a party pill. Most users love the way it makes them focus and increases mental performance. This is why it is the most popular ingredients in the sports nutrition industry at this time. - This is why it is one of the most popular ingredients in the sports nutrition industry right now.

Product Details

1.Product Introduction

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Other name: 1, 3-Dimethylamylamine hydrochloride
Package:According to The Customer Request


Raw DMAA powder Usage

A common lower dosage range of 1,3-dimethylamylamine based supplement or product is around 10-20 mg and it can eventually reach higher ranges of up to 40-60mg.

25mg + 25mg 30min after first dose
Felt absolutely no change with the 25mg. Small amount of focus when the second dose kicked in. Don’t dose DMAA raw powder this way.

50mg with food
Barely felt any focus. Felt very similar to when the second dose kicked in above. This isnt an effective way of dosing either.

50mg empty stomach
Boom. Felt great focus and concentration. DMAA Raw powder kicks in literally right at the 30min mark every single time. Seemed to wear out after about 2 hours. Also DMAA powder uplifts your mood, I always felt good after I took it.

50mg DMAA raw powder + Cup of Coffee empty stomach
Felt almost like I was on adderall. Dosed it like this an hour before my accounting final and I was in the f*cking zone! It lasted about 3.5-4 hours until it started to wear off. The caffeine definitely gave the DMAA Raw powder an extra kick and gave me more focus. Did not crash after.

50mg DMAA powder + 25mg two hours after first dose
Dont do this. Felt kind of nauseous and got a small headache. Just overall felt really sh*tty. I think I read somewhere that you shouldnt exceed 75mg in a 24 hour period. Dont take 75mg in one day youll feel like crap.

Best Way to Dose DMAA Raw powder
50mg+cup of coffee 30min before you want to start feeling effects

4.prodection details

Warning on DMAA Raw powder

The FDA warns consumers about the variety of potential side effects caused by the use of DMAA raw powder-based products. According to the FDA, the vasoconstriction or the narrowing of blood vessels caused by 1,3-dimethylamylamine can lead to cardiovascular problems such as heart attack, seizures, shortness of breath, and tightening in the chest.


DMAA Raw powder Further instructions

Based on some of the claims made by the manufacturers of DMAA raw powder-based productsor supplements, 1,3-dimethylamylamine can be said to primarily serve as a central nervous system stimulant. The potential benefits of these products are primarily related to an enhancement of the cognitive ability.


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