Flibanserin CAS.167933-07-5

Flibanserin powder is an oral drug used for treating low sexual desire in women,Flibanserin powder for treating hypoactive sexual desire disorder in women.Flibanserin powder for woman works by raising levels of dopamine and norepinephrine while lowering levels of serotonin.

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Sex Enhancer Powder Flibanserin CAS 167933-07-5 for Women

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1. Product Introduction

Data of Flibanserin Powder

Flibanserin Product Name:Flibanserin
Flibanserin CAS NO.:167933-07-5
Flibanserin Molecular Formula:C20H21F3N4O
Flibanserin Molecular Weight:390.40
Flibanserin Purity:99%
Flibanserin Grade:Pharmaceutical Grade
Flibanserin Appearance:White powder
Flibanserin Grade:Pharmaceutical Grade

2. Product description:

Flibanserin powder is an oral drug used for treating low sexual desire in women,Flibanserin powder for treating hypoactive sexual desire disorder in women.Flibanserin powder for woman works by raising levels of dopamine and norepinephrine while lowering levels of serotonin. In this way, Flibanserin powder help promote sexual desire are increased and one that can suppress desire is decreased. Flibanserin powder affects the way the brain works by interfering with communication among the brain's nerves in areas of the brain that control sexual desire and other pleasurable sensations. Nerves communicate with each other by making and releasing chemicals called neurotransmitters. The neurotransmitters travel to other nearby nerves where they attach to receptors on nerves. The attachment of neurotransmitters either stimulates or inhibits the function of the nearby nerves. Flibanserin blocks several of the receptors on nerves.Also Flibanserin also stimulates serotonin. Scientists think that flibanserin may regulate areas of the brain that control sexual desire in premenopausal women with reduced sexual interest and desire.

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3. Sildenafil Mesylate COA:

Product name




Outer Packing


Production date


Shelf life


Standard adopted

In-house quality standard

Items of analysis




White to off-white powder

White powder




Loss on drying

Less than 0.5%


Heavy metals

Less than10ppm


Other impurity

Any other impurity: Less than 0.3%


Other impurity

Total of all other impurity: Less than 1.0%


Assay (HPLC)

More than 99.0%


Residual solvents(GC)

Ethanol: Less than 500ppm


Residual solvents(GC)

Ethyl acetate: Less than 500ppm




4. Product Application:

Sex drug for women flibanserin is used to treat hypoactive sexual desire disorder in women who have not gone through menopause, who have not had low sexual desire in the past, and who have low sexual desire no matter the type of sexual activity, the situation, or the sexual partner.
Women with HSDD have a low sexual desire that is troubling to them, and is not due to amedical or mental health problem, problems in the relationship, medicines, or drug abuse.

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